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Photo Credits

Unless indicated otherwise, photos are taken by Porticus Staff.

  • Home "Reconnect cafe" - Photo courtesy of the Vernon Avenue Project
  • Home "Church" - Photo courtesy of the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
  • Programme Areas - Copyright photo: Frank Methe Jr.
  • Education - Photo courtesy of the Big Shoulders Fund
  • University of Notre Dame - Photo courtesy of the University of Notre Dame
  • Diocese of San Jose - Photo courtesy of the Diocese of San Jose
  • Catalyst Schools - Photo courtesy of Catalyst Schools
  • Faith in the Future - Photo courtesy of Faith in the Future
  • Society - Photo courtesy of the Vernon Avenue Project
  • Vernon Avenue Project - Photo courtesy of the Vernon Avenue Project
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans - Copyright photo: Frank Methe Jr.
  • Homeboy Inustries - Photo courtesy of Homeboy Industries
  • Micah Mission - Photo courtesy of Micah Mission
  • Mexican American Catholic College - Photo courtesy of the Mexican American Catholic College
  • Building Bridges Project - Photo courtesy of the Canadian Assembly of Western Catholic Bishops
  • Sacred Heart Center - Photo courtesy of the Sacred Heart Center
  • King's University - Photo courtesy of King's University
  • Care - Photo courtesy of L’Arche
  • L'Arche - Photo courtesy of L'Arche
  • Catholic Charities USA - Photo courtesy of the Catholic Charities USA
  • St. John's the Compassionate - Photo courtesy of St. John's the Compassionate
  • Project HOME - Photo courtesy of Project HOME
  • Guidelines - Photo courtesy of the Big Shoulders Fund
  • FAQ - copyright photo: the University of Notre Dame.