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Porticus North America will accept letters of introduction  from organisations located within the United States and Canada that have a tax-exempt or a charitable registration number. In addition, the project for which you are seeking support must take place within the United States and/or Canada.

Porticus North America is interested in:

  • Projects that are innovative
  • Projects that are long-term financially sustainable
  • Projects that are potentially replicable
  • Projects that have more than one source of financial support.

Porticus North America will consider:

  • Start-up funding for new organisations or the launch of major new initiatives
  • Programmes that are focused on systemic change, with a well-developed theory of change and a mechanism for measurement and evaluation
  • Organisational capacity building efforts designed to strengthen an organisation so it can advance its mission more effectively and widely, e.g., strategic planning, leadership development, board training, etc.
  • Practical research projects, if there is a clearly identified audience who will use the research and assume part of the funding costs.

Organisations interested in introducing themselves to Porticus North America may submit a Letter of Introduction (LOI). The LOI will be carefully evaluated to determine if the goals of the applicant are compatible with the programme areas of Porticus North America.

Our due diligence process includes a safeguarding assessment to protect the safety of children and vulnerable adults. We request all our partners to have relevant safeguarding measures - including safe recruitment, staff training and reporting procedures - in place.

Porticus North America will only accept full applications from organisations that have been invited to apply. Applications that are submitted without invitation will be declined.