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How do I submit a request for an application?

Porticus North America does not accept unsolicited applications. Applications that are submitted without invitation are declined.

Organisations interested in applying to Porticus may submit a Letter of Introduction. Please view “How to Apply” for specific information on what should be included in a Letter of Introduction (LOI).

Are there any deadlines for the submission of a Letter of Introduction?

Porticus North America accepts Letters of Introduction on a year-round basis. We ask that Letters of Introduction be emailed to

How long does it take to receive a response after submitting a Letter of Introduction?

Each LOI is carefully reviewed by a team of Porticus staff. Therefore it can take two to four weeks before receiving a response. Organisations will receive an email notifying them of the decision made on their Letter of Introduction.

Can a meeting be scheduled with a Porticus staff member before a Letter of Introduction is submitted?

In general, Porticus North America does not meet with representatives from an organisation unless a Letter of Introduction has been submitted and approved; the organisation will then be invited for an application.

However, if an organisation has questions regarding the eligibility of their proposed project before submitting a Letter of Introduction, they may contact us by email or phone.

How much can be requested?

Porticus North America does not have a minimum or maximum grant request amount. However, Porticus expects the organisation to provide supporting evidence that the amount requested is necessary for their programme.

Does Porticus North America consider multi-year grants?

We will consider multi-year grants.

When can applicants expect to receive a response regarding their application?

Depending on the deadline date provided on the application, it can take six to eight weeks before a written notification is sent to the organisation. All organisations are notified of the decision made on their application.

How are the grant funds disbursed?

All grant awards are made via wire transfer. All grant recipients will be asked to complete a form, providing bank account information needed to process the wire transfer. Grant recipients should note that all wire transfers are issued from the Netherlands. Therefore it is important that whoever completes the form is aware it is an international wire transfer, as this may affect the bank account information provided.

Does Porticus North America consider renewing grants?

Porticus does not automatically renew grants. If a grant recipient would like to re-apply for the same project, they must first submit a Letter of Introduction.